Ladesletta health and welfare center

If you are above 40, as I am, you sure wonder how it will be to get old(er). How will future welfare services be organized? Where will you live? Will you be able to live in your house up in the mountain? Enter Ladesletta health and welfare center in Trondheim.

Wattitude: Be aware of your watts

Do you know how much your neighbor’s electricity consumption is compared to yours? What if she consumes half of the electricity that you consume? What if your neighbor could give you some tips? These ar e the question we try to answer with Wattitude, an Android app our student colleagues in IT2901 are making this […]

Case study: Smart jacket

Imagine a man with his head bended down onto a smart phone screen, checking Facebook activities since ten minutes ago. And there he goes, banging his head into a street light. The scene begs the question: Are smart phones really the best user interfaces we can have?

Continua for welfare technology

Is Continua the solution to the interoperability problems that the Norwegian municipalities have for their investments in welfare technology? This was the topic of today’s meeting organised by the Norwegian health authorities in Oslo.

Case study: Innovation games in action

Using innovation games is a very efficient way of collecting real feedback from a group of experts. We tried some of these games in a workshop in Konstanz, Germany, as part of a vision building phase of our newly started project CoSSMic. During the workshop of two days, barely no-one checked their emails because they were so busy contributing.