Jacqueline at Empodera live

Our Jacqueline and NTNU’s Letizia Jaccheri were invited speakers at the last “Empodera Live Event” in Malaga, Spain. The topic for the event was social innovation.

Social innovation (Wikipedia.org) is an important concept related to innovation and entrepreneurship. It denotes innovation that tries to solve big societal challenges such as healthcare, unemployment and education. Social innovation is a research topic for our group. We have worked with this topic during the last year as part of the  European project Socratic. Socratic aims to develop ICT-based platforms to support social innovation processes.

Jacqueline and Letizia attended the event in Malaga to talk about the work we do in Socratic together with NTNU. Earlier Emporia Live events have hosted names such as  Roya Mahboob, Abeer Abu Ghaith, og Yevgeniya Chirikova. Now we can show that also Norway plays an active part in this important area of research.



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