Seniors curious about Digital Heritage

This post is originally written for the blog of the European project TAG CLOUD.

Seniornett and SeniorIKT are two organizations that help seniors to become skilled computer users. They set up courses to get started with data and to further develop digital skills. They organize gatherings where members can learn more about what is happening in the computer world and can follow trends in research. This week SINTEF SIT was invited to give a talk about Digital Heritage. So far we have involved young people in our work in TAG CLOUD. We would like to cooperate with new groups, including seniors.

In our talk we introduced various digital solutions used for the protection and dissemination of cultural heritage. We discussed the challenges associated to those. Open data, digitization, virtual exhibitions, virtual reality, augmented reality and tangible interfaces were all illustrated with examples from Norway and abroad. The gathering was also an opportunity to present our own work. Our two mobile apps “stedr” – about digital stories related to places – and ” Vettu Hva ” – about personalized recommendations of digital stories – were well received. Some participants downloaded “stedr” already before the talk was over. As “stedr” supports users in creating stories, we are waiting with enthusiasm for new stories authored by the members of Seniornett and SeniorIKT!

The gathering was an enriching day for us. We are looking forward to more talks with seniors and we invite them to give us feedback about our solutions.

Out talk

About the European project TAG CLOUD

TAG CLOUD is an EU/FP7 IST project that develops digital solutions aiming at engaging a wider public in culture heritage. Read more about the project in our earlier post.

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