No cultural site is too small for “stedr”!

This post is originally written for the blog of the European project TAG CLOUD.

Rødøya - opening dayRødøya is a little gem on the coast of Helgeland close to the polar circle. The small island with 200 inhabitants receives 25 000 visitors every year, mainly in the summer time. The island has been a major church centre and trading place for several hundred years. The project “Opp i dagen” (i.e., “bringing to light”) has gathered experts from different culture and nature disciplines (e.g., history, archaeology and geology) in order to document the island’s cultural heritage. The result is a book and a set of information signs. Digital stories are now available in “stedr“. All was launched the last week-end of May.

Rødøya stedr mapA main idea in “stedr” is openness. The mobile app supports user participation: Anyone can create new places and stories related to these places. There is no need to be Spain’s largest cultural attraction or the third largest city in Norway. Cultural heritage is as important in Rødøya as it is in Trondheim. We know that inhabitants in small places are eager to make their cultural heritage known and we wish to support them with digital solutions to do so.

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