Can “A Blue Thread” give the city a new life?

A Blue Thread - Bridge PortraitThis post is originally written for the blog of the European project TAG CLOUD.

The city of Trondheim is constantly changing. When shopping centres develop outside the city centre and customers do shopping online, the city centre is weakened. But the heart of city is much more than commerce. Trondheim has a rich cultural history as a pilgrim city, a Medieval and Baroque city, and a centre for commerce, industry, services and knowledge. Can we exploit this rich cultural heritage to create new types of activities that attract the city’s inhabitants and revitalize the city centre?

A blue thread - presntationThe river was the starting point for the establishment of Trondheim, and is today an essential part of Trondheim’s identity. A number of the city’s main cultural heritage sites are located along the river and in the inner harbour. They are largely unexploited resources. The Office of Urban Planning has newly started the project “A Blue Thread” which aims at creating awareness about the values ​​they represent. The project will act as a catalyst for various activities and initiatives that focus on the cultural heritage related to the river and inner harbour. In that way the project wishes to strengthen the centre of the city and develop Trondheim in a positive way.

On October 22, SIT was invited to attend a seminar organized by “A Blue Thread”. The purpose was to present the project and generate ideas about activities. Approximately 50 participants with background within culture, nature, architecture, art and urban development got the chance to spin together threads for the project. Private and public sectors as well as academia and various associations were represented.

The seminar began with a boat trip where the Director for Cultural Heritage in the County of Sør Trøndelag, Trond Eide, told about the main cultural sites along the river. Understanding the history and development of the city is essential when making plans for the future:

“The city of knowledge[1] must build upon knowledge. We must start by knowing. Many projects do not succeed because we start at the wrong end. “

It is important that the city’s inhabitants get the opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage because it sets up the premises for urban development. Many cultural heritage sites are barely visible, or we are so accustomed to seeing them that we overlook them. Can our project TAG CLOUD help to make the invisible visible?

More information about “A blue Thread” (in Norwegian)

A blue thread - boat trip

About the European project TAG CLOUD

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[1] Trondheim is a university and research city.

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