A successful day with cultural institutions!

KN seminar - jacquelineThis post is originally written for the blog of the European project TAG CLOUD .

On October 14, TAG CLOUD represented by SIT was invited to present their experience using the Norwegian digital storytelling platform, Digitalt fortalt, at the seminar organized by the Norwegian project Culture and nature travel.

The event gave us the opportunity to meet over 100 representatives from various Norwegian cultural institutions, to get inspired by their work and to present our own. Beyond telling about our experience, we also suggested opportunities for the further development and exploitation of the platform. We discussed:

  • How to engage more explorers and storytellers?
  • How to ensure quality of contents?
  • How to stimulate innovation?

Our suggestions were much appreciated by the Arts Council Norway who is responsible for Digitalt fortalt.

KN seminar -Another noteworthy moment at the event is our meeting with a representative from the European project LoCloud. LoCloud aims at supporting small and medium cultural institutions make their contents and metadata available in Europeana. As this work is relevant for the institutions involved in TAG CLOUD, we discussed the potential of a collaboration between the projects.

Indeed, this was a successful day for all of us!

More about the seminar (in Norwegian).

Download our presentation: [wpdm_file id=7]

About Digitalt fortalt

Digitalt fortalt is a Norwegian platform for sharing stories about cultural heritage. It provides a web portal allowing storytellers to create and share stories, and explorers to browse shared stories. It also provides an API allowing the development of new applications. The two applications stedr http://stedr.blogspot.no and Cooltura developed in TAG CLOUD exploits this API.

About Kultur- og naturreise

Kultur- og naturreise (Culture and nature travel) is a Norwegian project that aims at increasing interest and understanding of natural and cultural assets. The project is supported by five agencies of the Norwegian public administration: Arts Council Norway, The Directorate for Cultural Heritage, The Norwegian Environment Agency, The National Archives of Norway, The Norwegian Mapping Authority. Read our previous post introducing the project.

About the European project TAG CLOUD

Read our previous post introducing TAG CLOUD.

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