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nidarosdomen KN reiseOn April 29, TAG CLOUD represented by SIT was invited to participate to a seminar organised by Kultur- og naturreise. Kultur- og naturreise (Culture and nature travel) is a Norwegian project that aims at increasing interest and understanding of natural and cultural assets. Access through digital services is central. The project is supported by five agencies of the Norwegian public administration: Arts Council NorwayThe Directorate for Cultural HeritageThe Norwegian Environment AgencyThe National Archives of Norway and The Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Kultur- og naturreise’s main goal about “engaging the public in culture” and means to achieve this goal are close to ours in TAG CLOUD. It is therefore important for us to understand what the project is about and to find ways of coordinating activities.

Kultur- og naturreise started in 2012 and is planned to end in 2015. Kultur- og naturreise encourage culture and nature institutions all over the country to provide digital content to the Norwegian databases. Focus is however not solely on content management. Dissemination to the public is increasingly important. Therefore Kultur- og naturreise encourage the development of novel applications that makes use of the databases. For instance, they organised a hackaton in Oslo this winter with the goal to create a meeting place for the development and exchange of novel ideas. Kultur- og naturreise also develop KNappen, a mobile application that supports the retrieval of geo-located information. Different types of data are retrieved such as animal observations, scientific data (e.g. archaeology findings), encyclopaedia and digital stories.


Kultur- og naturreise also support the development of local projects. The seminar on April 29 focused on the work conducted in the region of Gudbrand. This region is a main axis for car and train traffic and is part of the pilgrim path to the Nidaros Cathedral. A bike and walk way is being developed and several touristic services are offered to visitors. Kultur- og naturreise has supported the development of digital stories related to the region.

Several of the challenges discussed during the seminar are relevant for our work in TAG CLOUD:

  • How can a user easily retrieve relevant information among the large amount of information available?
  • Several mobile Apps already exist. There will be many more. How can the users find the relevant ones?
  • How can an institution or company disseminate the information specific to its focus area or business? For example, how can we facilitate the task of an organisation that supports the pilgrims in disseminating information related to  pilgrim?

TAG CLOUD develops support for personalisation. Kultur- og naturreise provides therefore opportunity for the exploitation of our results. Conversely, TAG CLOUD is exploiting the infrastructure set up for digital storytelling, so we also benefit from the work of Kultur- og naturreise.

seminar KNreise

TAG CLOUD is an EU/FP7 IST project that aims at engaging a wider public in culture heritage. SINTEF will contribute to the development of social storytelling applications. SINTEF will also conduct pilot trials.

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