Technology and falls among elderly– help us answer your questions

We are working on a systematic literature study. We want to know what international research can tell us about using ICT to cope with falls among elderly. We need you to help us answer the right questions. What do you want to know about this topic?

As part of this literature study we have searched all major research databases and cataloged all relevant literature– more than 1500 research articles. These articles are the basis for answering different questions such as “what do we know about the effects of ICT?”, “what type of technology has been used?”, “what helps?”, and “where do we need to do more research?”

But these are not the only questions that can be answered. You might be wondering about something else– some specific question about fall technologies that could be useful for you to answer. You now have the chance to ask those questions– and hopefully get a scientific answer. Help us create a literature review that is relevant for you.

Currently we are doing the first phase of the analysis of the 1500 articles. We would like your feedback. Use the comments field in this post, or email us directly, to express your views and ideas. Please tell us:

  • What do you need to know about falls-related technologies?
  • How would you like this study to be made available to you?


Falls among elderly is an important topic for us at SINTEF. We have done research on the topic and written about it here on this blog earlier. Falls constitute severe costs, both personal and societal. We believe ICT can help in prevention, detection and rehabilitation of falls. Now we want to report on international research that can be important for others, researchers or not.

Our study on the role of ICT in coping with falls has its permanent homepage [1]. The study will be updated as we learn more. Decisions related to healthcare expenditure should be based on scientific evidence. This includes ICT investments. Systematic analysis of existing research literature is an efficient method to access and apply scientific evidence to support decision-making.

[1] Home page for our literature study for falls-related technologies.

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