Ladesletta health and welfare center

If you are above 40, as I am, you sure wonder how it will be to get old(er). Who will take care of you? How will future welfare services be ? Where will you live? Will you be able to live in your house up in the mountain? Enter Ladesletta health and welfare center in Trondheim.

Architect drawing of Ladesletta HVS. Block G with private apartments is to the south, connected with a bridge to the rest of the center.

On Tuesday I was so lucky to be invited to a visit to Ladestetta health and welfare center (In Norwegian: Ladesletta helse- og velferdssenter, called Ladesletta HVS in the rest of the text) together with the people who will work at the center when it opens in May 2014. Thanks to center manager Torill Rugelsjøen for the invitation!

Ladesletta HVS is a modern housing complex currently under construction (almost finished) in the North-West of Trondheim city. It consists of several functional units combining nursing homes, senior housing and services, housing and services for adults with handicap, kindergartens and several activity centers. Ladesletta HVS’ vision is to become a center for a variety of activities for these groups of users, both for those users living in the center’s apartments and for the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhood of Lade. This is most probably how future welfare services will be organized. For seniors, it is possible to move into Ladesletta HVS once they are retired and stay there for the rest of their lives.

The center will employ home care personnel, activity organizers, and neighborhood hosts for encouraging the involvement of seniors in the Lade area. Cafes, training rooms, tours in the surrounding Lade neighborhood, and 24/7 home care services are included in the center’s offerings. A range of new services will also be integrated, including services utilizing assistive technologies.

The center has two main buildings as shown in the figure. The main building (in the northern part of the figure) contains the kindergarten, offices for homecare division of Lade neighborhood, center management, nursing home, and apartments for seniors and adults with special needs. The southern part (block G) contains 30 apartments, 21 of which will be sold to private ownership by seniors. 9 of the apartments will be owned by the municipality.

In addition, both blocks include activity centers, vegetable gardens, farm areas (for hens and kitchens), and other recreation facilities. The kindergarten is integrated into the center, which will most probably guarantee close contact and frequent visits.

So, what do I think about this way of living? It is of course very difficult to provide an end-of-life experience that fits everyone and takes into consideration all the potential comorbidity that occurs when you get really old. But I am thinking that this is as close as you can get to a good end of life period if you are not living close to a large family with children and grandchildren.

Ladesletta HVS will have its first inhabitants during May 2014. Private apartments in block G are planned to be finished in September 2014. We look forward to our collaboration with the team from Trondheim Municipality who will be in charge of the center!

You can see some photos I took during the visit in our flickr album here.

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