stedr: demonstration at Alhambra y Generalife

The EU ICT project TAG CLOUD aims at leveraging existing software technologies to support lifelong engagement experiences with cultural heritage through personalised content and interaction.

“stedr” (from sted in Norwegian that means place) is a prototype mobile application developed by a group of NTNU students under the supervision of SINTEF SIT for experimentation in TAG CLOUD. stedr combines storytelling for the discovery of cultural artefacts through stories with social behaviour for collecting and sharing memories. An ultimate goal is to engage the public in the creation of diaries and stories. See more information is our previous blog post.

stedr was newly demonstrated at Alhambra y Generalife in Grenada. The feedback from cultural heritage professionals is good. stedr is easy to use, the design is simple and aesthetic, and the social behaviour smoothly integrated with storytelling. Further development is required to provide support for personalised content and diary creation.

Demo stedr Alhambra

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