TAG CLOUD: A successful student project at NTNU

The supervision of student projects is an important tool for discussing project ideas, developing and evaluating initial prototypes, and disseminating research to a wider audience. SINTEF closely cooperates with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and takes part in the guidance of students.

This autumn SINTEF and the County Authority of Sør Trøndelag have contributed to the supervision of a group of four students in the “Customer Driven Project” course organized by the computer science department at NTNU. This course is a long tradition at NTNU. It aims at giving students a practical experience in carrying all phases of a large customer driven IS/IT project. While the County Authority of Sør Trøndelag was customer for the development of a software prototype of the Virtual Wall proposed in TAG CLOUD, SINTEF has provided technical support.

Main screenshots of “stedr”.

The result is a prototype mobile application “stedr” (from sted in Norwegian that means place). The application lets people discover the cultural heritage in the landscape and to engage them in telling about the places they are found of. In that way we aim at collecting stories on various topics that can capture the attention of people with diverse interests. Besides supporting a variety of stories, stedr combines cultural stories with social behaviour. For instance, the user can share pictures of a place in instagram letting followers know that “I have been there”.

A main requirement for the project was to reuse existing platforms. The students have integrated multimedia information from the Norwegian cultural database Digitalt Fortalt and three social media platforms: flickr for retrieving pictures about places, twitter for commenting stories and instagram for sharing social experiences of a place.

stedr - presentation
Project review by an external censor.

All in all, the student group has spent around 280 hours on the implementation of the solution (including the selection of development platforms). In addition, they have spent time on planning the development process, organizing the work in the team, reflecting about their experiences and reporting about their work. Most importantly for TAG CLOUD, they have investigated a number of platforms, experimented with various APIs and delivered a well-functioning application that fulfills our requirements.

Thank you Knut Nergård, Odd Fredrik Rogstad, Simon Stastny and Christian Frøystad for your dedication and your work!

stedr - student group

TAG-CLOUD is an EU/FP7 IST project that aims at engaging a wider public in culture heritage. SINTEF will contribute to the development of social storytelling applications. Together with the County Authority of Sør Trøndelag, SINTEF will also conduct pilot trials.

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