Dynamisk Helse’s Ann-Kristin Johansen visits SINTEF SIT

ann-kristin1On February 18 Ann-Kristin Johansen visited our group and gave a presentation of her company Dynamisk Helse. Ann-Kristin started Dynamisk Helse in 2009 in order to address a critical shortcoming of the Norwegian health care system: the need for training and education of home care personnel. Ann-Kristin herself started her carrier in home care, and was given four hours of training before she had to make important decisions about the health of the patients she was given the responsibility for. There are currently approx. 60000 home care personnel in Norway without any formal education in health care. Ann-Kristin’s solution to this problem has been to start the company Dynamisk Helse, and to build a platform for self-initiated education in health care.

As a first step in creating a community for self-initiated education Dynamisk Helse has developed the iPhone application Drops. Drops gives on-site information about how to handle emergency situations such as heart attacks. Drops has become a popular application for the private market and has got very good reviews in the media such as in The Next Web and VG. The app was recently released in the US market. Drops has been developed in a multidisciplinary process involving media and film specialists. The goal has been to create a simple and efficient application.

ann-kristin2Drops is an early user test of the upcoming social platform that will allow home care personnel and others (e.g. informal caregivers) to join an online learners’ community. The community is inspired by social networking services and will include a platform for creating new content for courses and other educational material that can be developed and added by the community itself or by a service provider. Ann-Kristin has won the Norwegian Nursing Union’s award for innovation for Drops learning platform.

It was very interesting and inspiring for us to see how Ann-Kristin has managed to do the impossible, to create a successful application in an area which is often neglected. Ann-Kristin has established an OFU project where the products and services from Dynamisk Helse will be further developed. We look forward to see the results from this innovative project.

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