New version: 1.1.0 of the HOMER platform in the AALOA community

After weeks and months of development the HOMER team releases a new version of HOMER Core project.
Numerous bugfixes and new features have been added. Here is a short list of major changes:
– now supporting the Apache Karaf OSGi framework (3.0.0-Snapshot). You can start either Felix or Karaf
– now supporting several databases: SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL (choose your favorite in configuration file)
– moved from Felix Shell to Felix Gogo Shell
– added ShellCommand and ShellCommandPovider to easily register shell commands for Felix Gogo Shell
– updated all bundles to use Eclipse Gemini Blueprint (1.0.0.RELEASE) instead of Spring DM (1.2.1)
– added Java Script support in Finite State Machine framework

Using SQLite the setup procedure is significantly faster because you don’t have to install a database system (PostgreSQL or MySql). The whole database is packed into one file on the local filesystem.

Download here:

Hope you enjoy the new version!

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